Where to find your groceries on St. George Island…

No need to bring everything from home because you CAN get it here… We do!

There are two really good grocery stores on the Island:

  • Spark’s and Sons. Our favorite butcher Richard works there and has fantastic steaks, pork and chicken. He will cut meat any way you like, just ask him. (We get consistently great meats from him. Always better than almost anything we buy in Atlanta). He also does rotisserie chickens, smokes pork shoulder and BBQs chicken etc on a regular basis.   If you enjoy beer, they sell beer from the Oyster City Brewing Company in Apalach. Buy a growler and try it.  We like the Apalach IPA and the Hooter Brown, however, the tap does change from time to time.
  • The Piggly Wiggly Express (we call it the Mini Pig or the Piglet!) is also very good. Good selection of produce and everything else you need.

There are two main supermarkets over in Apalach:

  • The Piggly Wiggly (The BIG Pig! or the “Hoggly Woggly”). Anything and just about everything…
  • There is also a Piggly Wiggly in Port St. Joe, which is very good.

If you are coming from the Carabelle direction, there is a Carabelle IGA on Highway 98.

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