Consistently fastest and least stressful drive: 

I-85 to 185 (one eighty five) to Columbus. 

Exit at Ft Benning to US 280 towards Cusseta. 

In 12 miles, take Hwy 27. (It is a 4 lane divided hwy for evacuation route but has VERY little traffic). 

In 111 miles, near Bainbridge, take Hwy97 Exit(Faceville Hwy) and take a right. 

In 12 miles, take a left onto Hannatown Rd

In 3.7miles, jog left then immediate right to Mt Pleasant Rd. 

In 3.5 miles, take left onto Memorial Blue Star Parkway/Hwy 90 towards Gretna. 

In 3.8 miles, take right on FL 268 at Thompson Grocery. 

In 0.2 miles take a quick left on 65 A (Dewey Johnson Way).

In 1.5 miles, this dead ends at FL 12 where you take a right.

Be sure you have plenty of gas for the drive through the forest.  There is limited fuel until Eastpoint and not in Eastpoint if you are doing the drive late. 

In 0.2 miles bear left on Hwy 65. Then down through forest for 71 miles to where 65 dead ends at Hwy 98 at the Bay. 

Take a right towards Eastpoint and then you’re almost here!

In 3.1 miles, bear left on Patton Drive.

In 0.7 miles, take a left onto Island Drive (Hwy 300) to cross the bridge over Apalachicola Bay. 

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